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Welcome to the Charity Live Stream Wikia[]

Call me Clive, but my name is Mark. I'm a gamer, marketer, philanthropist, and the Founder of, a platform to help gaming & art broadcasters promote, organize and collaborate on live streams that raise money for causes they care about.

I created this wikia in tandem with the public "How To" guide "How Do I Run A Successful Charity Live Stream?" available on the CLS website. While the guide I wrote is just over 12,000 words, and the first of it's kind to go so in depth into the tools & resources available, I know that I could never have as much knowledge as the community as a whole.

As such, I want this wikia to serve as the core knowledge base for the broadcasting community. Forever free and always available to help anyone interested in doing a charity live stream of their own.

Sounds Awesome! How do I help?[]

When I wrote the how to guide there were many things that I had to leave out due to time and space constraints. Where some things I'll go back and update over time (Ex: additional broadcasting hosts, donation platforms, etc), there is a multitude of information that's simply too specific or long to explain for me to fit into that particular document. Not to mention that I can't possibly learn every tool & system while working to build CLS.

Do you know the best way to build a visual template for OBS, or know about an awesome video that does? How about which charities that have worked with charity live streams in the past and have systems established to accommodate? Have you tired multiple kinds of recording software and know which is the best for live streams? These and many more questions all need answers so new brodcasters have a head start and experienced broadcasters can run their streams more efficiently.

That's where you come in:

1) Go check out the guide I wrote, here's the link again, or the wikia here.

2) Find something that's missing, or can be expanded upon, and add your knowledge.

3) Share this resource with those you know so it can grow into something everyone can use!

*Also, I'd love to get some ideas/submissions from artists to update the template for this Wikia. Ideally I want it to better reflect the broadcasting community and the overall mission of helping others find the answers they need. If you have any ideas please contact me and let me know!

Latest activity[]

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